Edwin Burdis Drops Second NFT-Series From His VITRINE Gallery Solo Show


V-Art is proud to announce the release of the second set of UK-based multidisciplinary artist Edwin Burdis’ series of digital drawings ‘FACES No. …’, currently on show as part of Burdis’ solo exhibition ‘SUBLOOP (why make it hard when it can be easy)’ at VITRINE Gallery’s digital space. Available on V-Art’s NFT Marketplace, it is the second installment of a triptych of NFT-drops happening across the exhibition’s running time from April to September of 2022.

Edwin Burdis Faces No 60

Burdis’ work has shaped contemporary British culture throughout the noughties with his playful, absurd and occasionally deviant imagery and contributions as a Creative Director to Domino Records. Working with a wide range of different disciplines and mediums including music, film and painting, Burdis began taking his work into the digital realm via his iPad. Explaining his interest in a more virtual nature, Burdis comments:

“I am attracted to the concept of the studio inside the machine. There are no limitations; I don’t need a fixed location or physical materials to make work and I am able to connect with a wider audience.”

This second drop of NFTs from Burdis’ ‘FACES No. …’ series is made possible through the partnership between V-Art and VITRINE. The series consists of a cascading total of ninety drawings released in batches of thirty, presenting a range of colorful portraits in Burdis’ characteristic cartoonesque style. As for the choice to release the work on the V-Art Marketplace William Noel Clarke director of VITRINE explains:

“As NFTs continue to play a changing role within contemporary art and its market, VITRINE is excited to begin working with V-Art as an organisation who is passionate and informed about digital art. Launching a selection of our artists’ works as NFTs will place their practices in dialogue with an exciting new format and context, introducing it to a new audience and collector base. As V-Art includes IP rights in the sale contract of NFTs, we believe our artists’ works will be best protected when sold on their platform.”

Edwin Burdis Faces No 31

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VITRINE is focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinary practices. The gallery was founded in London in 2010, with a second space in Basel opened in 2016 and a third digital space launched in 2020. Over this decade, we have established a reputation as a selector and nurturer of new talent and our continued aim is to support artists’ careers and the growth of their ideas.

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