Don Diablo’s HΞXAVΞRSE: The World’s First Outdoor NFT Sculpture

K11 presents Don Diablo’s HΞXAVΞRSE

22 June to November 2022
Hong Kong and K11 Shanghai

K11, the world-class cultural destination staging exhibitions and artworks that speak to the next generation, presents HΞXAVΞRSE: the world’s first outdoor roving NFT sculpture. Bridging two worlds, the sculpture takes the shape of two back-to-back futuristic doors, each one opening onto this metaverse environment, which has been embedded into the structure as videos.

Don Diablo K11 Art @ Harbour Photo-by-Jasper-Suyk
Don Diablo at K11 Art Harbour
photo by Jasper Suyk Courtesy of Don Diablo

The videos – which feature Don Diablo’s metahuman avatar – can be controlled remotely by the artist and will evolve over time as he uploads additional digital content to the work. Bridging the gap between the physical world and the metaverse, the sculpture invites us to consider the growing and shifting relationship between the real and the virtual.

Diablo has been at the forefront of digital art and NFTs, dissolving the boundaries between art, music, fashion and technology. This cross-disciplinary approach is also evident in the collaboration between the artist and fashion designer Feng Chen Wang. Launching concurrently with HΞXAVΞRSE, the jacket they have designed together fuses elements from the work of both creatives.

K11 Art Harbour HΞXAVΞRSΞ by Don Diablo Installation view Photo Courtesy of Don Diablo
K11 Art Harbour HΞXAVΞRSΞ by Don Diablo Installation view
Photo Courtesy of Don Diablo

Transcending cultural and geographical boundaries, HΞXAVΞRSE is Diablo’s third collaboration with long-standing K11 partner, Sotheby’s. The project is reflective of both Sotheby’s and K11’s missions as cultural pioneers, and aligns with K11’s history of championing inclusionary experiences and Founder Adrian Cheng’s cultural vision to connect ideas, people and forms of creative expression.

“Bringing this never-before-seen artwork to the public is reflective of my ongoing commitment to making art more accessible to everyone,” said Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11. “The potential for evolving art in the Metaverse is limitless and I hope these innovative and futuristic pieces not only rejuvenate Hong Kong’s cultural landscape, but also inspire the imaginations of people everywhere.”

Two versions of HΞXAVΞRSE will be on free public display simultaneously between now and November – one on the Promenade overlooking Victoria Harbour at K11 Musea in Hong Kong, the other in K11 Shanghai – and a global tour of the sculpture will kick off in New York in 2023.

©2022 Don Diablo, K11, Jasper Suyk