Dominic Harris: Feeding Consciousness

Feeding Consciousness by Dominic Harris
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Feeding Consciousness by Dominic Harris
25 May – 13 August 2023
Halcyon Gallery
148 New Bond Street

Pioneering British artist Dominic Harris has opened Halcyon Gallery’s new flagship site with his new, ground-breaking exhibition, Feeding Consciousness. The exhibition, the first at Halcyon Gallery’s new site at 148 New Bond Street, London, is Dominic Harris’s most ambitious yet, as he invites the viewer to explore his intricately created worlds, from the lofty heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of Atlantis, harnessing the mythical, fantastical and the sublime.

Dominic Harris: Feeding Consciousness
Dominic Harris Photo by Nicholas Dawkes Photography

Running from 25 th May to 13th August Feeding Consciousness presents 18 powerful new artworks that upgrade the role of the visitor from viewer to participant. The result is an exhibition that is as aesthetically breath-taking as it is thought-provoking, presenting a new parameter of contemporary art.

Feeding Consciousness Installation view

Dominic Harris said: “I’m proud that Feeding Consciousness will be the first ever exhibition at Halcyon Gallery’s new flagship gallery in London. Alongside my tireless and brilliant team in the studio, I’ve dedicated the last few years working to upend our increasingly banal and transactional human relationship with the digital space by presenting its possibilities afresh.”

Feeding Consciousness is Halcyon’s inaugural exhibition at its new flagship gallery at 148 New Bond Street. Formerly home to The Fine Art Society, this historic address has been subject to a comprehensive redesign and refurbishment to transform it into a cutting-edge 21st century artspace showcasing Halcyon’s community of contemporary artists and its catalogue of masterworks from Impressionism to Pop Art.

Halcyon Gallery’s president Paul Green, who founded the company 40 years ago, said: “When I first came to London and visited the galleries in Mayfair, I was struck by the Fine Arts Society building immediately. It has a wonderfully rich, artistic history and I am delighted we can now carry on that legacy.”

Feeding Consciousness Installation view

Feeding Consciousness is the latest collaboration between Dominic Harris and the Halcyon Gallery in a relationship which goes back several years with the launch of Imagine, his first exhibition with the gallery, back in 2019.

Harris’ landmark innovation, and namesake for the exhibition, is a 10-foot digital sculpture inspired by the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and datasets, the artwork acts as a feed of the country’s collective consciousness, presenting the top five trending subjects on Google’s UK search engine.

Another piece, Limitless, is an epic screen visualisation of the ceaseless ebb and flow of the FTSE share index. An ever-shifting, ever-growing golden tower is constantly added to with new blocks, each of which is stamped with the logo of companies whose shares are being traded on the markets to which the artwork is digitally connected.

©2023 Halcyon Gallery, Dominic Harris

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