Deck The Halls: an exhibition of using skateboards as the canvas

Deck The Halls
Yard Life Gallery
2nd December – 24th December

SWG3, Scotland’s leading multi-disciplinary arts venue, has announced Deck The Halls, a brand new exhibition using skateboards as the canvas at the urban arts gallery – Yard Life – which opened in the Summer and proudly occupied one of SWG3’s archways on Eastvale Place. Deck The Halls brings together 34 artists showcasing their exclusive works that utilise the skateboard as a canvas for their design.

Chelsea Frew: No Wrong Notes

Famous for some of Glasgow’s most striking street art, resident Yard Life artist James Klinge has co-curated the show with Marianne Vosloo as part of SWG3’s celebrated arts programme. Inspired by the sport itself and the countless capabilities and creative opportunities it provides – from building communities to shaping fashion – Deck The Halls is a space where art and skateboard culture collide.

Original work from London-based Fanakapan, who is renowned for his eye-tricking hyper-realistic style of street art, will feature in the exhibition alongside decks by well-known street artist and designer Phill Blake (Philth); the botanical-inspired stylings of Sophie Mess; international “surrealist graffiti artist for the soul”, Mr Cenz; and an original pioneer of UK street art, Bristol’s notorious Inkie, to name a few.

Mak One: Class War

The exhibition will also highlight some of the most exciting names from Glasgow’s flourishing local scene:

Street artist and SWG3 Yard Life resident James Klinge said: “I’m sure there are many who remember the excitement of finding their first skateboard under the Christmas tree. There’s the rush to rip off the wrapping paper and get out and skate, but there’s also a moment of pause to stop, admire and appreciate the artwork on the face of the skateboard.”

Participating Artists

Fanakapan @fanakapan
Mr Cenz @mrcenzone
Inkie @inkiegraffiti
45RPM @45rpmwhat
Sophie Mess @sophiemess_
Dr. D @subvertiser
Cheo @cheograff
PREFAB77 @prefab77
Philth @philthblake
RichT @richtpaint
Smug @smugone
Priestcorp @priestcorp
Mark Worst @markworst
James Klinge @jamesklinge_art
King Listy @kinglisty
The Guzler @theguzler
Conzo Throb @conzothrob
Ciáran Glöbel @ciaranglobel

Ross MacRae
Chelsea Frew @chelseafrew
ElphOne @elphone
Lightbody107 @lightbody107
TrenchOne @trenchone
Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng @ursula_kam_ling
Foolswing @fool.swing
Wet Your Jaws @wetyourjaws
Roberto @be.nice.signs
Michaela McManus
Molly Hankinson
KMG @kmgyeah
Vues @vues1
Luck @_bonkerz
Marcus @marcustattoos

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