Dawn Okoro: Mad Explosive Spontaneity

Dawn Okoro: Mad Explosive Spontaneity
24 February–24 March 2022
Maddox Gallery
9 Maddox Street
London, W1S 2QE
United Kingdom

Maddox Gallery is delighted to present Mad Explosive Spontaneity, a solo exhibition of work created by Dawn Okoro, a painter and fashion designer from Austin, Texas.

Dawn Okoro. Courtesy Maddox Gallery, London.

‘Mad Explosive Spontaneity’ is a lyric written by MC and trailblazer for women in hip-hop, Bahamadia. Using wordplay, allusions, and jazz samples to make her point, the line alludes to the lyricist’s ability to shine in an industry that marginalises the contribution of women.

To scoop all capabilities of spontaneity within me Depicted kicked it true Vibes pops jazz but collaborated with the cool Known flows, but unfamiliar grooves that soothe Individuals’ moods like soul food for thought

Spontaneity, Bahamadia

Inspired by hip-hop, punk and the compositional techniques used in fashion photography, Dawn Okoro’s latest exhibition includes twelve conceptual portraits that capture a moment of spontaneity in each subject’s life. Exploring the idea of personal style as rebellion, Okoro showcases an array of creative individuals including Black artists, musicians and actors, all of whom present themselves truthfully and in resistance to societal expectations.

Using space, movement, pattern and texture, Okoro conveys a sense of grit and extravagance throughout her work. This is underscored by her gestural use of gold leaf to obscure parts of the body and reflects her own experience of erasure and hyper-visibility.

With Mad Explosive Spontaneity, as with all her paintings, Okoro aims to create and hold space for herself and others who have been subject to a similar experience.

©2022 Dawn Okoro, Maddox Gallery