Danny Fox: The Sower and Other Recent Paintings

Danny Fox ‘The Sower’ 2022

Danny Fox: The Sower and Other Recent Paintings
11 November – January 2023
Saatchi Yates
68-69 Burlington Arcade
51 Piccadilly

Following the success of his first solo exhibition in 2021, acclaimed contemporary artist Danny Fox will be presenting a new body of work at Saatchi Yates. In an intimate presentation, Fox will unveil five new large-scale paintings alongside some of his smaller canvases.

The exhibition, The Sower and Other Recent Paintings pays homage to Fox’s childhood influences, the great European modernist painters in more than artistic, stylistic influence. “It’s a deeper, subconscious, make believe world that I played in as a child. I think of him in the way one might think of a grandfather who died before one could fully know them, but you remember their essence and feel their story in your blood.”

Danny Fox - ‘The Sower’ 2022
‘The Sower’ 2022 – Acrylic on Canvas, 152.4 x 182.9 cm 

‘The Sower’ (above) depicts Varfell Farm’s daffodil fields that surround Fox’s Cornwall studio. A portrait of the flower pickers in hi-vis vests through the picking season, the artist notes: “Having grown up in Cornwall, flower picking was always an option for those in financial crisis, and it was known to be a back breaking labor where you got paid dirty pennies for each bunch which got picked”.  These works pay tribute to the mysterious ideal of the painter and his single minded pursuit of the truth in his work.


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