Conor Murgatroyd x SAGE | Arrangements

15th Oct – 19th Oct 2021
Available to View in person:
PREVIEW: 15th Oct | 12-9pm
16th Oct | 12-5pm
17th Oct | 10am – 4pm
18th & 19th Oct | 11am – 5pm

SAGE Flowers
232 Rye Lane
SE15 4NL

Renowned British Artist Conor Murgatroyd and Internationally acclaimed florists’ SAGE, are proud to
present ‘ARRANGEMENTS’. ARRANGEMENTS represents the microcosm and ecosystem that artists like Murgatroyd and creative brands like SAGE bring to a local communities.

This collaboration provides a much-needed perspective on this important moment in world history,
bringing together beautifully unique flower arrangements of SAGE and Murgatroyd’s observation surrounding SAGE, their shop and the communities.

The exhibition comprises of a collection of still life paintings juxtaposed with documentational urban architectural scenes of the local community, that surrounds SAGE, a focus of togetherness, and human spirit. Murgatroyd’s paintings sitting carefully placed with the uniquely sculptural flower arrangements, borne of tradition evolved in the present.

The still life paintings implore traditional constructs with very structured foundations becoming a gateway into Murgatroyd’s personal life, through his use of different objects in the paintings including porcelain, playing on duopoly of carefully composed scenes with additional hidden surrealist forms and self-reflection. Still Life’s have always been important part of Murgatroyd’s practice, a passage from the past into the present. Like the blooms he takes his inspiration from, SAGE creates a wonderful fusion of sculpture, adapting colour fields within almost architectural arrangements, they stand alone in their aesthetic and beauty, creating something unique in a world that is difficult to transform.

Conor Murgatroyd 5am Flowers, 2021 Enamel on Canvas
100 x 120 cm Each ©Conor Murgatroyd

The combination of still life’s and urban landscapes including characters from the local area, are
Murgatroyd’s observations of the community that surrounds these shops. Murgatroyd’s depictions of the
human figure and how they interact with each other, represents a moment of interaction that creates a
timeless quality that transcends time and places, to become a profound statement of the current human condition. Murgatroyd reveals the truth about our everyday, centred around interactions within our local communities, the importance of a constructed figuration of nature and the interior life of ordinary people at an extraordinary time.

ARRANGEMENTS encompasses a creative alignment between two entities that showcases the crossing
of boundaries. A celebration of two creative entities intelligently collaborating to interrogate the
essence of the traditional constructs of their respective industries. Both questioning the very nature of
traditional convention.

Both Murgatroyd and SAGE are inspired in their creations by artists such as Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, David Hockney, Keith Haring, and Edward Hopper; artists who used their art as a platforms to challenge
traditional forms and constructs in society to create a unique voice. This collaboration showcases that
together their practice is both consistent, in its pursuit of core concerns, while also beautifully diverse.



©2021 Conor Murgatroyd, SAGE Flowers