Charming Baker collaborates with LA fashion brand Script

Fashion’s love affair with art continues as innovative LA apparel brand Script launches its collaborative range of wearable art with renowned artists. Scripts mission is to produce a new coveted artwork genre with apparel in limited editions. Script’s first collaboration is with internationally acclaimed British artist Charming Baker.

Charming Baker

With Script, you’re very much buying a piece of art. It’s not just about clothing people; it’s about creating a piece of art in a different form

Charming Baker

Baker’s work explores themes such as love, mortality, and the transitory nature of childhood innocence, often with a darkly entertaining edge, usually grace on canvases or in the form of sculptures.

Charming has evolved his iconic Half-Pint for this upcoming collaboration with Script, an image he first painted 15 years ago. This limited run of unisex t-shirts bearing the artists’ most iconic panda image, Half-Pint, will be available in a limited run of 500 black and 500 white.

The collectible editions feature top-quality Pima cotton construction with Peruvian woven fabric. Are all hand screen printed and embellished in the USA, with each shirt individually numbered and accompanied by a corresponding numbered certificate of authentication (COA) and hand-signed by the Charming Baker himself.

Following its initial launch, Script will announce a range of new and exciting artistic unions of cult collectibles. Seasonal partnerships and products will be made available throughout the year.

We want to build a brand where people trust us as curators.

Eric Perlman

Founded by collector and multidisciplinary entrepreneur Eric Perlman through his love of art and the apparel industry, Perlman wanted to merge the creative expression fields. Driven by an ambition to create a brand that would make collecting more accessible, he has launched
Script to produce wearable art via luxurious limited-edition garments, sourcing visuals from acclaimed artistic practitioners.

Charming Baker Half-Pint limited edition unisex is available from April 06 2021 on Script website.

The collectible edition is available to new and seasoned collectors alike, as a limited run of 1000
shirts – 500 in white, 500 in black. They are available for $295 / £213, while 100 artist proofs are
available at $395 / £285.

Charming Baker Half-Pint (White) $295 / £213 500 editions
Charming Baker Half-Pint (Black) $295 / £213 500 editions
Charming Baker Half-Pint (AP) $395 / £285 100 editions
All available in S, M, L, XL sizes.

©2021 Charming Baker, Script®

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