Camille Morineau of AWARE to curate spotlight dedicated to women artists at Frieze Masters London

L'équipe d'AWARE à la Villa Vassilieff

The renowned Spotlight section of Frieze Masters, made up of solo presentations of the pioneers of avant-garde art from all around the world, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in October 2022 at Regent’s Park. To mark this occasion, Camille Morineau (co-founder and Research Director of AWAREArchives of Women Artists, Research, and Exhibitions) and AWARE have been invited to curate this special section, dedicated to women artists.

Frieze Week London will return to Regent’s Park between October 12th and 16th 2022. This year, for a Spotlight dedicated to pioneering women artists of the 20th century, Frieze Masters has called on AWARE, an association which has been working, since its creation in 2014, to shed light on women artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The section, curated in collaboration with Matylda Taszycka, Head of AWARE’s Research Programme, and Eléonore Besse, Research Programmes Assistant, will present major modern masters as well as highlight the work of artists who are still little known, showing that galleries are today at the forefront of the rediscovery of, and research on, women artists. Artists featured will include Orlan, Nike Davies-Okundaye, Leonor Fini, Sylvia Snowden, Wook-kyung Choi and Sonia Balassanian.

Camille Morineau - Photo Valerie Archeno
Camille Morineau
Photo Courtesy of Valerie Archeno

In all, 26 artists born between 1900 and 1951 will be foregrounded by as many galleries from around the world, presenting half a century of art history in a new light. AWARE will bring together artists with practices linked to specific artistic movements and currents and more singular styles and techniques.

The section takes into account the recent attributions and insertions of certain artists in historical movements and avant-gardes and reveals the echoes between the practices of artists across diverse geographies: an engaged approach directly related to AWARE’s primary mission of championing women artists from around the world through the dissemination of free and bilingual content on the association’s website.

Through this series of solo presentations, AWARE seeks to highlight the singularity of each artist, whilst outlining their common commitments. While some stands will question the way in which women artists deconstruct the body, rethinking its representation through drawing, collage, and photomontage, others will present a range of different types of abstract, geometric, or gestural art, even going beyond pictorial practice. We are honoured to be the curators of Frieze Masters Spotlight 2022. This is a prestigious and particularly special partnership this year, as the section will be exclusively dedicated to women artists.

This is a unique opportunity to increase the visibility and presence of women artists whose artistic careers have not been fully celebrated and it is in line with AWARE’s primary ambition to rewrite the history of art in a more equal way » says Camille Morineau, AWARE’s co-founder and Research Director.

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