Brendan Lynch: A WALK

Brendan Lynch: A WALK

Brendan Lynch: A WALK
11 May – 3 June 2023
56-57 Eastcastle Street

In his first London exhibition since White Cube in 2014, Brooklyn based artist
Brendan Lynch will showcase 270 works at OMNI‘s vibrant gallery space in Eastcastle
Street. In addition to the artist’s own work, Lynch has invited 40 artists to participate, contributing artworks to hide in plain sight among his own.

Brendan Lynch: A WALK
Brendan Lynch: Clouds

Those participating in the show illustrate the kind of company Lynch keeps, from LA based Mario Ayala, who has been the subject of recent solo exhibitions with Jeffrey Deitch and David Kordansky Gallery, pop culture sculptor Erik Foss, Ariana Papademetropoulos, who has recently shown with Jeffrey Deitch and Vito Schnabel Gallery, plus fashionable and folkloric English artist, Faye Wei Wei.

Lynch’s disruptive vision will be in full force at OMNI, presenting the artworks along the edges of the entire ground floor gallery spaces at OMNI, rather than on the walls of the traditional white cube. The works range from large-scale pieces to smaller works and a video installation will include a timelapse video of a painting that Lynch has painted over 300 times.

Brendan Lynch: A WALK

Lynch cut his teeth in the art world in 2007 along with his co-founders, setting-up Still House, a Brooklyn collective in a building on the cusp of demolition. Nominally an organization of eight teen and twenty-something artists, what started as a website in 2007 for a few New York college students, who didn’t have a way of showing their art to the public became a multimillion-dollar institution more profitable than many New York galleries. The young collective included a then-unknown Lucien Smith and attracted collectors such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brendan Lynch: A WALK

The non-profit talent incubator toured Europe and the United States on a wave on pop-ups and sell-out shows, establishing a new perspective on what a collective creative effort could look like. Opening on 11 May, together OMNI and Brendan Lynch stride towards communal work eschewing the traditional gallery set-up with this exciting and uniquely presented exhibition.



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