Bob Geerts (Bobeus) – Afterlife

Bob Geerts (Bobeus) - Afterlife
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Bob Geerts (Bobeus) – Afterlife
December 15th 2023 – January 28th 2024
COVA Art Gallery
Philitelaan 73 5617 AM

Bob Geerts, better known as Bobeus, presents with Afterlife a tribute to the art of tattooing. With an impressive career as a tattoo artist, the Eindhoven based artist not only highlights his personal growth in this exhibition, but also shares intimate stories and vivid memories. Opening on Friday, December 15. 

Bob Geerts (Bobeus) artwork

Despite mastering the art of tattooing to perfection, Geerts observed that even in the realm of permanent ink and living canvases, there is room for compromise among the artist, the customer, and the skin itself. An irresistible urge for total creative freedom emerged, leading Geerts to return to his brushes. Seeking a medium to freely express his vision on canvas, he embarked on a new artistic adventure.

Bob Geerts (Bobeus) - Afterlife
Bob Geerts in the studio

Afterlife delves deep into the exploration of both the similarities and differences between tattooing and painting. The exhibition focuses on the transition Geerts underwent, placing time at the forefront of the narrative.

Delving into the influence of time on himself, his tattoos, and his art, the artist intricately incorporates the essence of his work into his paintings—the interplay between impermanence and eternity. As the skin slowly fades away, the canvas endures, and it is precisely these contrasts that radiate beautifully in Geerts’ first solo show.

Bob Geerts (Bobeus) – Afterlife will be on display from December 15, 2023, to January 28, 2024, at COVA Art Gallery

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