Beyond Reverie

Beyond Reverie
Leah Aegerter Mirror, 2019-2023. Bronze, bass wood, 32 x 14 x 22.5in

Beyond Reverie
December 13, 2023 – February 7, 2024
Skye Gallery Aspen
High Line Nine
located at 508 W 28th St

Skye Gallery Aspen is excited to announce its second exhibition in New York, titled “Beyond Reverie“. The exhibition will showcase new and recent works of six talented artists, namely Leah Aegerter, Jonny Alexander, Raul De Lara, Spencer Hansen, Anthony Padilla, and Nori Pao. Skye Gallery has been running successfully in Aspen for seven years and recently opened its new location in Chelsea in October of this year. The exhibition will open on December 13, and there will be a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. The venue for the exhibition is the High Line Nine, located at 508 W 28th St, and it will run until February 7, 2024.

Beyond Reverie
Jonny Alexander
“From Somewhere Down Inside” 2023
Oil on Canvas
60inch x 48inch

“Beyond Reverie” showcases various surrealist works that defy conventional norms and encourage spontaneity. The artists use various mediums and techniques, including combinations of wood and bronze, ceramics and writing, oil and canvas, leather and horsehair, and repurposed fur and brass. They all share a passion for their materials and use their creative process to tap into the power of the subconscious. The artworks explore the concept of memory, prompting viewers to question the relationship between dreams and reality. Anthony Padilla is a self-taught painter who blends abstraction, realism, and surrealism with depictions of flora and fauna to transport viewers to new realms that celebrate his Latinx identity. Similarly, Jonny Alexander paints surreal landscapes that juxtapose natural and industrial elements, blurring the boundaries between the two worlds.

Beyond Reverie
Nori Pao
Every object exists in space on it’s own shadow, 2023. Etched ceramic, wooden shelf; Unique in a series of 4, 14x12x4in.

Three multidisciplinary artists, De Lara, Aegerter, and Hansen, showcase their works primarily made of wood in this exhibition. They pay great attention to detail and craftsmanship in their chosen materials. De Lara’s sculptures depict various forms inspired by flora, furniture, and architecture. His works challenge viewers to question their ideas around immigrant and queer experiences by incorporating a hybrid mixture of Mexican and American cultural references and functionality.

Aegerter’s works combine traditional techniques in wood, paper, and metal with digital fabrication processes. Her abstract sculptures are inspired by the physicality of landscapes and the unique textures of geology, portraying moments when her body and being meld with the world. Hansen uses a natural palette blending wood, ceramic, metal, leather, and repurposed materials to create imaginary characters that spark curiosity and welcome us into an unknown realm.

Beyond Reverie
Spencer Hansen
Hendri, 2022.Monkey Pod wood, ceramic, copper, 13 1/2 × 9 × 8 in.

Nori Pao is showcasing a set of new poems that have been etched into ceramic tablets. By combining clay with text, she has created a permanent form of writing that stems from her connection to the unconscious. Despite being part of a series, each of these tablets is unique due to the way the clay captures the process of making them, while the words serve as witness marks to the artist’s experience.

Beyond Reverie opens on December 13, 2023 until February 7, 2024 at Skye Gallery Aspen

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