Benny Cruz: Interdisciplinary Meetings

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Benny Cruz: Interdisciplinary Meetings
May 3 – June 15 2022
Box Factory Gallery
1519 Decatur Street
Ridgewood NY

Interdisciplinary Meetings is a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Benny Cruz otherwise known as “Your Local Benny”, at New York’s Box Factory Gallery.

Interdisciplinary Meetings will showcase Bennny Cruz’s text-based works through the camera lenses of three photographers, Jens Franzen, Jana Gagliardi and Vito Corleone.

Benny Cruz: Interdisciplinary Meetings
Benny Cruz
Cypress Hill: Here is something you can’t understand

I’m local anywhere because of my energy”

Benny Cruz

The exhibition will also include Cruz’s Public Enemy & Cypress Hill Series, original works on paper, a collaboration between Cruz and Josh Mayer, consultant and social curator for the legendary Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. These works illustrate lyrics from the legendary Hip-hop groups through Cruz’s installations photographed by Jens Franzén.

Benny Cruz: Interdisciplinary Meetings
She’s got a soft heart but is New York Tough

The exhibition will also feature immersive dance performances by Smashworks Dance and a vinyl DJ set by Denis Chupris.

Benny Cruz’s inspiration stems from his Chilean roots, childhood memories, hip-hop, Coffee and New York, which all play a role in his practice. His text-based works are created with acrylics and markers on canvas and paper, utilising words to inspire and positively impact New Yorkers.

Interdisciplinary Meetings is on display until June 15 2022, at New York’s Box factory gallery.

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