BACON/FREUD AT Dellasposa Gallery

BACON/FREUD AT Dellasposa Gallery
Lucian Freud Before the Fourth, 2004 © The Estate of Francis Bacon

BACON/FREUD AT Dellasposa Gallery
23 MAY – 11 JULY 2023
2A Bathurst Street
W2 2SD

London’s Dellasposa Gallery opens the curtains to a sublime exhibition, spotlighting the artistic prowess of two towering figures in Modern British art: Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. This intimate curated exhibition explores the intersection of the artists’ divergent yet captivating forays in the medium of printmaking and their impact on the world of Modern figurative art.

BACON/FREUD AT Dellasposa Gallery
Bacon Freud Exhibition Install Photo By Daniel Avery

In the pantheon of art history, Francis Bacon is revered and recognized for his intense paintings and innovative foray into printmaking. His prints commonly depicted deconstructed figures shaped by bold lines and striking contrasts, mirroring the existential angst and psychological turbulence that underscore his acclaimed canvas works. Bacon’s printmaking techniques often defied convention as he etched and scraped directly onto the plate, generating texture and depth. His prints encapsulated unease and existential dread, portraying the multifaceted nature of human existence with an edgy yet intriguing precision.

BACON/FREUD AT Dellasposa Gallery
Francis Bacon: Triptych inspired by Oresteia of Aeschylus, 1981
© The Estate of Francis Bacon Dellasposa Gallery London (framed)

Lucian Freud, a maestro of portraiture, ventured into the realm of printmaking, leaving an indelible mark on the art form. His prints offer a glimpse into his meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled ability to capture the raw essence of humanity. Freud’s masterpieces often showcase intimate, close-up portraits that expose the vulnerability of his subjects. Through a combination of etching and drypoint techniques, he crafts textured prints that exude a tangible physicality. Deeply rooted in psychology, Freud’s prints plumb the depths of his subjects’ inner worlds, inviting viewers to explore the intricate tapestry of human existence.

The graphic work of Bacon and Freud highlight their distinctive and inventive approaches to portraiture, seizing the intricacies of the human physique and mind in stark, intense, and emotionally resonant manners. By experimenting with methods and probing the human figure, they’ve bestowed substantial additions to contemporary depictions of figurative art, leaving a lasting impression on the timeline of Modern British art.

BACON/FREUD AT Dellasposa Gallery
Lucian Freud Before the Fourth, 2004 © The Estate of Francis Bacon

This showcase is also complimented by photographic portraits of Freud and Bacon taken by respected picture editor, writer, and photographer Bruce Bernard, who wrote for the Independent and the Sunday Times, photographing numerous influential artists over a career spanning four decades.

Bacon and Freud unravel their inventive techniques as if peeling back the layers of a complex, artistic onion, revealing their core contributions to the progression of Modern figurative art, an enlightening journey into the minds of these two iconic artists, seen through the prism of their trailblazing works in print.

©2023 Dellasposa

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