BACK TO LIFE: Magdalena Kirklewska | Johan Van Mullem | Zheng Tianming

June 24th – July 18th

GR Gallery 255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 10002 

“BACK TO LIFE”, a fresh and electrifying group exhibition featuring 15 new works by artists Magdalena Kirklewska, Johan Van Mullem and Zheng Tianming. The title is inspired by the unique concept that defines the artists style and the powerful feeling of awakening that flows through their compositions, converted now to celebrate the reopening of NYC, the most lively place on earth, after almost a year and a half of dormancy.

“Back To Life” intentionally generates a perceptible thread of energy that represent a rebirth and complete the liberation from a state of lethargy and apathy that limits most of people thoughts and ability. This concept appear particularly suitable in the current situation, in which an extremely witty and eventful place like New York City had been forced to paralyze its own power, due to the health emergency situation, for sixteen month and now is finally ready to reopen, to free its spirit and come back to life.

Magdalena depicts almighty characters, whose bodies are covered with undetermined symbols and whose limbs and heads are not completely formed yet, trapped in a sort of blurry aura and sleepy, uncanny dimension they seem almost ready to be complete and awaken. Johan Van Mullem’s artworks sketch ambiguous devilish figures that are rising from the obscurity of stillness and sadness and are close to the point to finally find enlightenment and their proper definite shape. Tianming’s marbleized personae can hardly be distinguished from the background they stand in front of, now recognizable thanks to some hype distinctive accessories and funky hairstyles; this situation symbolize their entrapment inside a realm of stagnation and homologation from where they are ready to set themselves free.

©2021 GR Gallery, Magdalena Kirklewska, Johan Van Mullem, Zheng Tianming