Avant Arte x For Freedoms

Avant Arte x For Freedoms | September ‘21

Avant Arte is proud to announce a collaboration with the artist-run collective For Freedoms on a series of London-based public art activations accompanied by print editions from artists Christine Wong Yap and Hank Willis Thomas. The collaboration represents the first appearance of For Freedoms’ billboards outside of the US, as well as the first time artworks from their campaigns will be released in edition form.

Still from a recent shoot in Christine Wong Yap’s studio, courtesy of Avant Arte, the artist and Andria Lo.

Avant Arte and For Freedoms share an ambition to make art more readily available to the public, whether online or offline, and to instigate far-reaching conversations around it. Christine Wong Yap and Hank Willis Thomas — two artists with overtly collaborative, socially-engaged practices — will each pose an emotive question to Londoners, as well as to a worldwide online community of art lovers.

“For me the project is a prompt, a provocation, and I’m really excited about seeing the artwork take space in billboards and posters in the UK. I hope people see it, think about it, and actually engage in some self reflection.” – Christine Wong Yap, Artist

Who Taught You To Love?, Hank Willis Thomas

“Placing images in the public that are designed to encourage critical thinking and uplift joy and celebration is paramount to us. We believe that art is a tool for social change and inner meditation. As For Freedoms continues to evolve as a collective entity, and through this collaboration with Avant Arte on our first print editions and first activation in Europe, we hope to be working towards an expanding mission outside of the US.” – Hank Willis Thomas, Artist and For Freedoms Co-Founder

How Do You Keep Your Heart Open? (For Susan), Christine Wong Yap

“Art can have a transformative impact on the way people think and feel — something that both of these
works gesture towards. We’re really excited for the launch of this collaboration with For Freedoms and two incredible artists to help broaden that impact, putting thought-provoking pieces directly into people’s paths.” – Mazdak Sanii, Avant Arte co-founder


From 27th September Yap and Thomas’s questions will be compellingly posed to passersby in a campaign covering east, south and central London — including billboards, takeovers, a fly posting campaign and a 24 hour takeover of W1 Curate’s array of digital screens at 167 Oxford Street.
An interactive map of activity will be shared, allowing both Avant Arte and For Freedoms’ expansive online communities to locate and engage with the artworks in real life. All placements will include links and QR codes directing to the digital elements of the activation.


A digital campaign centred on @avant.arte (2.4 million followers) will run from August to October, including an Instagram live conversation with both artists and a bespoke Instagram filter, designed by Hank Willis Thomas, that invites the public to partake in the conversation and submit their own personal responses to his question.

Accompanying Editions

A pair of accompanying editions, launching on 27th September, represent the first time that collectors
worldwide will have the opportunity to acquire prints based on For Freedoms’ emblematic billboard designs. The prints have been created using Avant Arte’s industry-leading production process, each one an exceptional reinterpretation that allows its original work to be seen and understood at a new scale and in new contexts. Both editions will be released on avantarte.com at 14:00 BST on 29th September, with an instant sell out expected.

Christine Wong Yap | Edition of 25

Hank Willis Thomas | Edition of 75

©2021 Avant Arte, Christine Wong Yap, Hank Willis Thomas