ARTISTS FOR BIBI Online Charity Art Auction

ARTISTS FOR BIBI Online charity art auction
3rd June – 17th June 2023
BIDS CLOSE: 9pm 17th June

Artists for Bibi is an online charity art auction raising money for childhood cancer treatment, featuring over 140 artists including Mark Dion, Dana Sherwood, Stuart Semple, Hiraki Sawa, Eileen Cooper, Claire Morgan, Ryan Mosley, Sam Jackson, Tessa Farmer and Viktor Wynd. Seven year old Bibi (Beatriz) Farmer-Maia @help_bibi_beat_cancer has been battling the deadly childhood cancer high risk neuroblastoma since 2018. Recently, after two years in remission, she devastatingly relapsed. There are no curative treatment options for her in the UK.

ARTISTS FOR BIBI Online charity art auction
ARTISTS FOR BIBI Online charity art auction

Her family are urgently raising £200,000 so she can access CAR T cell therapy in Rome, which has had very promising results for relapsed neuroblastoma, (the NHS will not fund this treatment because it’s a trial.) Artists Tessa Farmer (Bibi’s aunt) @tessaefarmer and Sam Jackson @samjacksonpainter have harnessed the extraordinary generosity of over 140 fellow artists to launch “Artists For Bibi”, an online auction of amazing prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture and more.

Julia Tom de Freston

[All money raised will be held by the specialist neuroblastoma charity Solving Kids’ Cancer @skc365 in Bibi’s treatment fund. Any funds not used for her treatment will go towards supporting other families affected by neuroblastoma/ funding research into neuroblastoma treatments.]