Artist Trevor Jones Stages Exclusive Crypto Event at Stirling Castle 

Trevor Jones - Bitcoin Angel
Trevor Jones - Bitcoin Angel
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Stirling’s majestic 12th-century castle is set to make history when it stages its first gathering of crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin Angels. The ancient seat, where the infant Mary Queen of Scots was crowned, will embrace 21st-century technology at a Grand Party later this month (July 30) hosted by innovative artist Trevor Jones. 

Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle

Fine art graduate and painter, Trevor has worked at the intersection of art and technology for more than a decade, experimenting with QR code paintings and augmented reality (AR). When he invested in Bitcoin in 2017 it inspired a new creative direction, leading to his crypto-themed AR paintings and his emergence as a pioneer of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in art. 

Trevor Jones - Bitcoin Angel
Bitcoin Angel

The open-edition NFT derived from his painting The Bitcoin Angel broke sales records on its release last year generating $3.2M in 7 minutes and has become iconic in the NFT world. And now he’s hosting the Castle Party extravaganza to celebrate this exciting digital art movement and the unique worldwide community that has grown up around The Bitcoin Angel.  Billed as the year’s most exclusive crypto event, with an exclusive Special Edition Castle Party 2022 NFT available only at the gathering, it will bring more than 300 guests to Scotland from 20 countries across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Artist Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones said: “When searching the world for a venue one place felt right above all others: the beautiful Stirling Castle in the heart of Scotland. More than just a celebration, this is an opportunity to support Scotland, both by putting it on the map of the NFT world and through the charity that we have chosen to endorse.” 

The party, in partnership with 21CC Group and the Stirling Highland Hotel, will feature a range of entertainment including DJ RT, tribal drums and pipe band Clanadonia; sword-wielding warrior actors and performers from Combat International; sleight of hand from Jody Greig and Dusty the Magician; caricaturist Neil Kempsell; harpist Mary Macmaster; Pipe Major Kevin McLean, historical re-enactment group Living History Scotland and Royal Burgh of Renfrew Pipe Band. 

Sponsored by NFT whisky marketplace Metacask, Nova Finance digital asset investments, Tokenframe digital screens for NFT artwork, Saga cigars hand crafted in the Dominican Republic, and Apollo NFT, a leading NFT consulting firm and production studio, the Grand Party will also feature a Confessional Booth and ‘crypto clergyman’ for any crypto-sinners to unburden their soul. 

Adam Greenberg, Co-Founder, Nova Finance said: “Being invited to support Trevor’s event on home turf is both an honour and privilege. The world of blockchain has so much potential and bringing to life successes like The BItcoin Angel will only open up this space to many more people.  Nova’s calling into this arena was just like Trevor’s, to challenge the traditional finance system, empower individuals and give them access to high quality tools and opportunities that wouldn’t have been available previously.” 

Nim Siriwardana, Co-Founder, Metacask comments: “We’re delighted to be a part of this magical and historic event. What a venue, what a line-up, and what a day it promises to be. Having worked with Trevor on the record-breaking Macallan ’91 cask and Angel’s Share NFT auction, Metacask share a natural affinity for all things art, NFTs, and of course the Scottish staple, whisky. On that note, we’ll be armed with a choice selection of premium whiskies, so we look forward to enjoying a few drams with discerning guests at the bar… Slàinte!” 

To attend, each partygoer must own at least one Bitcoin Angel open edition NFT and giveaways on the night will include limited edition prints, an angel T-shirt, a Bitcoin Angel branded Saga cigar and the chance to win three original Trevor Jones paintings. One being an artwork created especially for the party, will also be on offer. 

Mickael Paris, Marketing Director at FinTech Scotland said: “Fintech is so much more than the use of new technology in the financial sector. With NFTs we have a perfect example of fintech innovation revolutionising one of the oldest and most established sectors, art. I was lucky enough to meet with Trevor a few months ago and was inspired by his story. It is fantastic for Scotland to be hosting the most exclusive crypto event this year and a real testament to the country’s vibrant fintech cluster.  I’m looking forward to joining him and his guests at Stirling Castle.

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