Art&Co. Funds Specialist Charity Solace Women’s Aid For COVID-19 Relief

On January 6th, 2022 – Art&Co., an initiative set up by InsurAid to help connect the worlds of art, finance and support groups, brings continued relief to COVID-19 victims a year on.

Art&Co.’s donations raised from the world’s largest online art auction for relief to Covid victims comprised of more than 200 pieces to support frontline charities and NGOs providing healthcare, food, medicines and guidance to those affected by the contagion.

The funds dispersed to specialist charity, Solace Women’s Aid, continue to bring invaluable support for women and girls suffering from domestic violence and sexual violence that intensified during the pandemic. The National Domestic Abuse helpline, for example, recorded increases of as much as 60% in calls to its service. To better protect survivors, The Domestic Abuse Act came into force in April last year, intending to protect and strengthen measures when addressing the behaviour of perpetrators.

Andy Warhol 1983 vintage invite postcard print
Framed Offset lithography.
Andy Warhol Foundation stamp at back ( Konrad Wyrebek Collection)

Whatever form violence comes in, from rape to trafficking to relationships based on psychological or financial control, we work to end it,” said Jessie Gane, Fundraising Development Manager at Solace Women’s Aid. “We know that escaping the effects of violence can be the hardest thing to ever do. That’s why the lifesaving support that Solace provides to more than 27,000 women, children and young people in London each year is so important.”


“Art&Co. has brought funds to women of all ages who are survivors of abuse, which sadly rose during COVID-19,” said PremFina Group CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar. “We partnered with Solace Women’s Aid because it not only provides a safe refuge and helpline for women and children, but it continues to help by providing therapy and working with other agencies that protect women and girls.”

Jeff Koons (after) Pink Edition Studio 336
Limited numbered edition of 999 with original box and
certificates (Konrad-Wyrebek-Collection)

Art&Co., the world’s largest online art auction for Covid relief, is the first initiative launched by InsurAid, whose vision involves encouraging the insurance and financial services industries to contribute to those affected by humanitarian disasters, public health and safety crises.

Art&Co. has had press coverage in Bloomberg, BBC World Radio, The Independent, The Art Newspaper, The Resident, Evening Standard, Gulf Today, 1883 and many more.

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