Art World Merges With Cryptoart History in A Single Artwork

Traditional Art World Merges With Cryptoart History in A Single Artwork: Partners with Async artist Coldie

Async viewing reception: 14th September, 2021, 6-8pm (BST)

NFT platform Async Art. Coldie is an award-winning mixed media artist whose stereoscopic 3D art has been featured in national juried art exhibitions, cryptocurrency conferences and live auctions.

Coldie, Master Layer from “First Supper” 2020

His blockchain themed artwork gives a personalized visual representation of the disruptive industry. Coldie is the first artist to tokenize stereoscopic 3D art and photography on the blockchain. The artist has recently been breaking through in the traditional art world with record-breaking sales for his single edition NFTs.

We are looking forward to seeing where this can take us

Mila Askarova
Founder of Art House

Throughout his residency at, Coldie will be showing his works spanning his career, highlighting the variety of mediums the artist works in – animation, virtual reality and physical mixed media collage. Coldie’s aim is to express the multifaceted nature of digital art and the NFT space with the endless opportunities of creativity the cryptoart community supports. In his own words the NFT space is one where you can ‘let your freak flag fly’, and he wants to convey this during his residency.

Coldie, Layer From “Choose Your Own Adventure” 2020 Partnerhip with Async Art

Coldie’s residency coincides with’s partnership with Async Art – a unique and first-of-its-kind platform that allows artists to program their digital artworks as well as enable multiple artists to collaborate together to produce one single work tokenized on the blockchain.

Async Art

Five artists were selected from past residencies to create a collaborative piece of programmable artwork, that will change with a user’s blockchain inputs, and list it for sale on Async. Artists Evelyn Bencicova, Mark Farid, Alexander Reben, Matteo Zamagni and Shi Zheng will be working together throughout August until the completion of the final work. Each layer of the artwork will be certified by Verisart.

“The partnership with Async and Coldie’s residency shows’s commitment to digital art both in the NFT community and in the traditional art world. We are looking forward to seeing where this can take us”. says Mila Askarova, Founder of Art House.

The final NFT created on Async will be exhibited for one night at Gazelli Art House, on September 14th from 6-8pm where all local contributing artists, and the London Async team will commemorate the collaboration.

©2021, Asynchronous Art, Inc

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