Art on a Postcard launches Individual Artist Auctions

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Art on a Postcard (AoaP) is embarking on a series of individual monthly auctions which will focus on one emerging artist. The aim is to explore each artist in more depth than is possible in their larger auctions. A comprehensive interview, a short film and a dedicated week of social media examining the artist’s practice will accompany the Individual Artist Auctions. Our first auction opens for bidding on 10 December 2020 and will feature London based Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo.  

Art on a Postcard launches Individual Artist Auctions
Kojo Marfo

The money raised from the auction will go to raising funds for The Hepatitis C Trust helpline, staffed entirely by people who have had hepatitis C. The helpline has become a key component to the Infected Blood Inquiry, an investigation launched to discover why infected blood   products were being used to treat NHS patients prior 1992. Helpline Information and Support Service Manager Samantha May is compiling supporting evidence for the Inquiry based on statistics and commonalities received from calls made to the helpline. Calls made by patients who have received infected blood during transfusion, that has led to misdiagnosis and subsequently the discovery they have cirrhosis or liver cancer, is on the rise. Keeping up with these calls is now the first priority for The Trust

About Artist

Kojo Marfo (born 1980) is a Ghanaian artist based in London. He became interested in the arts because he grew up surrounded by people sculpting and carving. However, Marfo found painting to be the more straightforward way to comment on society and start a conversation. A vital aspect of his practice is rooted in traditional Akan artifacts he was exposed to as a child growing up in Ghana. These artifacts still remain a vital source of strength to Marfo. He references traditional Akan art to highlight social issues such as inequalities, religion, politics, and spiritualism. Marfo feels that becoming an artist was an essential way for him to express his experiences and observations, while also holding a mirror to society.

Marfo’s work seeks to re-establish the immense richness that is lacking in mainstream representations of African people. He hopes to explore a self-referential perspective of the Black image by creating figurative abstractions that showcase the hidden beauty woven into Africa’s social and geographical fabric.

“I want people to see my work as a reflection of my Akan culture and my struggles living in the West. I want my artwork to create a connection with people, to be a symbol for everyone to relate to” Marfo said. “No matter what you are going through, or where you live, I want my art to help people think and reflect on their inner lives and how it relates to the wider world”.

About The Hepatitis C Trust

The Hepatitis C Trust is the national charity for people with hepatitis C. It is a patient-led and patient-run organisation; most of its board, staff and volunteers have had hepatitis C themselves. It is committed to eliminating hepatitis C in the UK by 2025. Its strategy is based around the pillars of better prevention, increased diagnosis and treatment for all. 

About Art on a Postcard

(AOAP) is a unique platform that offers the opportunity to purchase beautiful limited edition artworks by celebrated artists at affordable prices. Art on a Postcard is perhaps best known for its annual postcard auctions. These eagerly anticipated events feature special edition artworks by renowned names that are auctioned, sometimes anonymously, for charity each year. Bidding starts at just £50 and they offer a truly rare chance to own mini masterpieces by highly collectible artists, whilst supporting a worthwhile cause, The Hepatitis C Trust.

Bidding for Art on a Postcard Individual Artist Auctions opens on 10 December 2020

©2020 Art on a Postcard, Kojo Marfo

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