ART IS x Lindsey Price: Transcendental Spheres

ART IS x Lindsey Price “Transcendental Spheres”
April 29th – Sunday May 1st 2022
3738 Cross Creek Road STE
11 Malibu CA

Aligned in a desire to bridge the physical and the digital, artist Lindsey Price and NFT-driven platform ART IS have partnered to produce an extraordinary and immersive debut solo exhibition: Transcendental Spheres. Price’s first solo show sets out to reshape narratives about feminism and futurism through a series of digital and physical collage-based works, including NFT artworks minted by ART IS.

The exhibition opening event will take place on April 28, from 5 to 9 p.m. at 3738 Cross Creek Road Suite 11, and will remain open through May 2 by private appointment.

ARTIS x Lindsey Price Interdimensional Spaces, 12×12

Transcendental Spheres also marks the debut event for ART IS. Founded by a group of futurists with a passion for fine art and specialized expertise in blockchain technology, the new NFT driven platform and fine arts consultancy offers a full suite of services designed to help artists onboard to Web3 and successfully navigate the Metaverse with fine-arts driven NFT minting services, digital exhibitions, virtual catalogs, and documentary productions. ART IS also supports artists with a network of physical gallery spaces in New York, Malibu, and Beverly Hills. 

ARTIS x Lindsey Price Runner Chaser, 42”x42x2.5”
Powdered Pigments, acrylic paint analog collage and resin on custom wooden panel

Dom Wojnarowski, ART IS Co-Founder and Head of Talent: “We at ART IS are honored to partner with Lindsey Price and to help produce the NFT artwork for her debut solo exhibition. Lindsey’s unique vision, voice, and utopian visions represent the type of positive impact artistry we seek to champion on our platforms, both physical and digital.”

Lindsey Price, Artist: “Transcendental Spheres is about envisioning a better future. When ART IS approached me about exhibiting both my physical and digital works, I felt right at home in that future. Together we’re creating an experience that is as forward-thinking and exciting as the dreamscapes I depict and the promises they hold.” 

ART IS x Lindsey Price “Transcendental Spheres” Transcendental Spheres features new physical and digital works that are meant to alter one’s perspective between still and moving images as well as various forms. From physical works inspired by vintage fashion to digital NFTs inspired by surrealist landscapes, to custom relief paintings, this collection depicts worlds where the line between what is natural and artificial begins to blur.

ART IS x Lindsey Price Fins like Petals, 42”x42”x2.5”
Acrylic paint, analog collage and resin on custom wooden

Transcendental Spheres depicts an imaginary but attainable future in which women are at the forefront. While surreal, these dreamscapes represent an aspirational paradise deeply rooted in visual harmony and Sacred Femininity. These are worlds in which one can escape and reimagine oneself, where power is sourced from within, and our spheres of influence have no boundaries.

The ART IS x Lindsey Price Transcendental Spheres partnership sets the precedent for more collaborations and events to come as ART IS builds on the value, rewards, and utilities associated with ART IS NFT collections.

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