Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
Cameron Twins, Bump! (detail)

Are We There Yet?
22 September – 8 October 2023.
Gallery No.32 and Speed Curating
Dog House Taproom
87 Enid St
London SE16 3RA

Gallery No.32 and Speed Curating present ‘Are We There Yet?’, a group exhibition questioning the parameters of contemporary adulthood. As we navigate the spectrum between the props of ‘adulting’ (such as the viral ‘girl dinner’) and our hard-set responsibilities, this exhibition tackles the question: Have we really arrived at adulthood, or are we all just playing a part?

Are We There Yet?
Harriet Richardson, Frigile Girlie

Collaborative artist duo the Cameron Twins use oversaturated colours paired with motifs from their shared childhood to create a nostalgic aesthetic imbued with charming naivety. They will present a bunch of chaotic ensembles that playfully explore dream-worlds in print. Working in the space between art, graphic design and activism, Harriet Richardson has swiftly become a leading voice in subversive protest art following her well-known Femme Fatality series. Harriet brings work considering the guise of fully fledged ‘adulting’. Flying Leaps brings works by collaborating artists Magda Archer, Catherine Borowski & Lee Baker, Tim Fishlock and DON’T FRET promising an array of cynical viewpoints and alternative social outlooks.

Are We There Yet?
Cameron Twins, Bump!

Erin Dickson explores ideas of home through language, culture and vernacular architecture celebrating tongue-in-cheek themes of ‘Britishness’ focusing on how people exist. Erin’s work has been exhibited internationally, notably in Glasstress at the 2015 and 2017 Venice Biennale. From his Museum of Neoliberalism, satirical artist Darren Cullen, aka. Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives, critiques the commercialisation of children’s toys through his acclaimed ‘Pocket Money Loans’ series, cleverly marketing the ‘adult’ world back to those living in it.

Are We There Yet?

Claudia Martignetti’s practice is a vibrant celebration of nostalgia incorporating toys from her childhood and her vintage toy collection, balancing awkward vulgarity and joyous expression. Forget Barbie, remember Trolls?

Gallery No.32 are major proponents of ‘creative exchange’ within a non-hierarchical playing field known for bringing art outdoors with the renowned ‘Winter Sculpture Park’. To present ‘Are We There Yet?’ the gallery has partnered with Speed Curating, a group advocating creative connection away from high-pressure institutions and the blue-chip art scene.

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