A Metamorphosis With Hair At The Mandrake

London’s most imaginative hotel, The Mandrake, is bringing some creative spirit to its existing art collection this spring – unveiling new cultural collaborations that combine art and beauty. Robert Masciave, one of hairdressing’s most innovative voices and known as the ‘hair artist’, is set to unveil an exclusive installation on a chandelier designed by Lara Bohinc located at the hotel lobby of The Mandrake starting Friday 22nd April 2022.

A Hairy Metamorphisis at The Mandrake – Robert Masciave

The chandelier installation is inspired by the stalactite shape and other nature-centric elements of the chandelier. “My idea was to make its brutalist design evolve to something organic and soft. Merging metal with hair and the existing design with mine – transforming it into something more fluid,” says Masciave.

For the internationally renowned hairdresser, he preserves the distinct spirit and structure of the chandelier skeleton but brings life, shape and texture through hair. “Hair is a morphing material capable of bringing softness, motion and emotion.” Through the artistic collaboration with the Mandrake, Masciave invites guests to connect with their emotions through textures and shapes never seen or dreamt before.

The award-winning ‘hair artist’  will also display ‘Soul of a Man’, a sculpture and wearable made of 200m of human hair, at the dim-lit corridor leading up to the Mandrake. Masciave’s works join other eccentric pieces from hotel owner Rami Fustok’s collection including, Salvador Dali, Francesco Clemente and Jonas Burgert which are littered loud and proud on all the walls. 

The temporary chandelier installation designed by Robert Masciave will be available for guests to view at the lobby of the Mandrake throughout the summer season.

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