1800 Tequila And Daniel Cordas Collaborate To Release Limited Edition Bottle

The world’s most awarded tequila, 1800, has collaborated with streetwear artist and sneakerhead Daniel Cordas to create a limited edition bottle which pays homage to Mexican street art and its folk art influences. 

At the heart of the 1800 Tequila bottle is a design hand painted by Daniel that brings together Mayan artistry and its influence on contemporary art. The bespoke art is printed on just 500 bottles and has been released by the brand to celebrate its commitment to the arts, particularly urban art and street culture. 

The piece exemplifies how art isn’t bound by time and geography with Cordas’ design reaching across the Atlantic Ocean, engaging with a Latin American art form which has survived generations.

1800 Tequila X Daniel Cordas

Mexican folk art is a medium of art characterised by its practicality with pieces produced to have a use further than its aesthetic merit. This ancient artform has heavily influenced the nation’s street art with almost kaleidoscopic murals adorning walls throughout Mexico, popping with motifs which are uniquely Mexican, the home of 1800 Tequila. 

In the design we see Daniel’s signature floral style and penchant for pastel hues meld with the vibrant allure of Mexican folk art and the iconography associated with it. The eye can’t help but be drawn to the depiction of agave at the base of the bottle, the plant at the heart of what 1800 does. Warm oranges and reds are tempered by icy blues and fresh greens, conjuring feelings of heat and refreshment.

The limited edition bottle is priced from £45. Harrods has a week’s exclusivity starting from Tuesday 15th February before the bottle is distributed to other retailers including Harvey Nichols, Hedonism and Selfridges and Amazon. 

Among the 500 bottles is a one-of-one hand painted bottle by Cordas himself, giving people the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive piece of art. 

Cordas is known for his ability to elevate everyday sneakers with his inimitable hand painted designs and bespoke artwork that’s been exclusively created for the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Stormzy, Chipmunk and Billie Eilish. 

Daniel Cordas With 1800 Tequila Limited Edition Bottle

Mixing colour and composition with the same slickness as an 1800 Margarita, I’ve infused authentic Mexican folk art with my own style and signature floral.

Daniel Cordas

The iconic Agave plant is at the heart of my design, honoured by this cocktail of colour. The limited run of bottles has been produced directly from my painting and pay homage to Mayan artistry and its influence on contemporary art.

To celebrate the collaboration with 1800 Tequila, sneaker fans will also have the chance to grab themselves a limited edition pair of kicks with Cordas set to translate his design onto a pair of trainers worth £1000. Further prizes include a limited run of prints and t-shirts featuring Daniel’s Mexican folk art inspired artwork. To enter the prize draw you simply have to pick up a bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila from participating Tesco and Waitrose retailers. 

1800 Tequila is the world’s first premium and most awarded tequila, which is bottled in Mexico and has arrived in the UK with the ambition to change the perception of how tequila can be enjoyed. 

For more than two hundred years, 1800 Tequila has never wavered from its original formula and double distillation process. It is made from 100% Blue Weber highland agave, has a sweeter, smoother, more complex flavour, and is recognised as one of the world’s most awarded tequila brands.

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