Art Plugged Emerging Aritsts 2019

Wushuang Tong: Emerging Artists
For our emerging artists season we have interdisciplinary artist Wushuang Tong. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA from the School of…
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Yinan Chen: Emerging Artists
Chinese born artist Yinan Chen. Yinan is a multimedia artist; she lives and studies in the US. Her journey with art began from a young age
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Maïa Régis: Emerging Artists
Part of our emerging artists season, we have fine french artist Maïa Régis. Originally from Paris, She moved to London in 2014 to begin her art journey
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Curators Inside The Industry Season

Mimi Gray: Curators Inside The Industry
We are glad to welcome renown art curator Mimi Gray to Art Plugged our curator inside the industry season. Gray began her journey
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Zeynep Yuksel: Curators Inside The Industry
In our curators inside the industry season, we have founder of Artate Zeynep Yuksel. Artate is an online gallery that offers originals and print editions of Emerging Artists for the…
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Lea Simone Allegria (The Curators): Curators Inside The Industry
On Art Plugged curators inside the industry season, we have Lea Simone, The founder of The Curators, which is an online curated art gallery,
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Artists Inside The Industry Season 2019

Delphian Interview: Benjamin Murphy & Nick JS Thompson
Delphian is a curatorial platform that has the platforming of exciting early-career artists as its key ideal. As well as curating both solo and group
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Frankie Rice: Artists Inside The Industry
Despite his apathy towards promotion, Frankie Rice is cementing himself as one of the artworld's favourites. Conceptually-focussed
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Jess Cochrane: Artists Inside The Industry
Jess Cochrane’s exhibition “Study of a Woman Talking to Herself” is currently on display at Rhodes Contemporary Art and it’s a banger.
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Art Talk

Thierry Porter In Conversation With Verity Babbs
I first came across Thierry Porter’s work in his solo exhibition “BODY” at Blue Shop Cottage
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Maddie Rose Hills’Artist Discussion
Set inside her Victorian terrace, ‘The Christmas Show’ featured 10 contemporary female artists curated by artist Maddie Rose Hills.
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Natasha Taheem In Conversation with Verity Babbs
There is a raw, sketchy honesty about the work of illustrator and O’Honey Studio member Natasha Taheem’s
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Nelson Pernisco’s personal and artistic life is strongly connected to the urban context and the study on its inherent dynamics.
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Delphian X Guts
Delphian Gallery and Guts Gallery have joined forces for this incredibly exciting collaborative exhibition! Socially, politically, and economically
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Young Gunn: Fion Gunn and Art’s ‘Misogynageism’ Problem
Gunn describes the focus of her latest solo show ‘Young Gunn’ as “the Odyssey of human life: across time, across place, and across media”. The artist’s portfolio is filled with…
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