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We are pleased to announce that ART PLUGGED is launching our first NFT, an artist trading card. These NFTs will be minted in a limited edition of 1 collection per artist; the collection includes 20 standard editions and one rare gold edition.

Powered by the innovation of Blockchain technology, our NFT cards strive to seize the spirit of collecting. Our artist cards will feature the artist’s artwork, image, and discipline details.

ART PLUGGED Artist Card: Gold Edition

The resurgence of trading cards empowered by this technology will forever change how enthusiasts and investors collect and sell trading cards. In recent years trading cards have been surging with returns on investments, even outperforming the S&P 500.  

We are witnessing the digital revolution of an entire industry and humanity’s existence through the attributes of decentralization.


As the NFT space evolves, it will influence the way people interact, view and collect art in this chosen medium. The first artist to be minted is an emerging visual artist from Nigeria, Austin George Dorgu, whose work explores the paradox of emotions and the connection between thoughts and experiences.

Stay tuned for more information on NFT drop and how you can add these to your collection of NFTs

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