Srishti Bose: Stills From My Room

Stills from my room:

A glimpse into my room is a glimpse into everything that makes me. If you were to grant three-dimensionality to my diary entries, it would look like a cream walled bedroom aglow at 7 a.m. with all kinds of music. Which is to say that my room is a pretty accurate portal into the small acts that constitute my life. The dalgona coffee is courtesy of the abundance of morning time this quarantine has given me.

The sketch of Econ Schiele’s Sleeping Couple was made over a long phone call. The stills from my room: books that need arranging, a bed that needs to be made, sheets that need to be folded.

I look at my room and it’s a constant state of unmaking; which is evidence that there in all of this planet, there is a small space, and I exist in it- no, I thrive in it- that if one corner is left unattended, it only means that I am in a different corner- attending

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