Ronnie Wood pays tribute to the Faces with new artworks

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Acclaimed artist Ronnie Wood is widely known as a member of the spectacular Rolling Stones. However, his journey to becoming a stone was a memorable one carving his way into British rock history, by being a member of several classic British rock groups.

These Days. 2020 © Ronnie Wood.

He was a founding member of the Birds, a London R&B group, then joined the latter-day Creation in 1968. Before joining The Jeff Beck Group as a second guitarist and meeting vocalist Rod Stewart, the pair got together with three former Small Faces in 1969 to forge the Faces.

We’ll Meet Again 2020 © Ronnie Wood.

A new rugged rock & roll band ignited with a beautiful looseness and bluesy feel capturing the soul of British rock and influencing the next generation of punk musicians. The Faces lived the rockstar lifestyle to the pinnacle renowned for excessive partying, wild tours and intense concerts. Inspiring hits like “Had Me a Real Good Time”, “Bad ‘N’ Ruin” and classics such as “Ooh La La” and “Stay With Me”.

My time with the Faces has been some of the happiest in my career as a musician, and the most fun I’ve had with the best mates ever! It’s been a pleasure to revisit those memories, and pay tribute to the band’s 50th anniversary with these artworks.

Ronnie Wood

It’s been 50 years since the Faces first appeared together and to commemorate their 50th anniversary, Wood is revisiting these memorable times through a series of limited edition prints.

The prints are taken from a series of figurative paintings that Wood produced during the lockdown. Three monochrome images depicting himself and Faces bandmates Rod Stewart and Kenney Jones—initially interpreted from a series of photographs taken of the Faces between 1969-1975.

Embossed Faces folder

Only 200 sets of the Faces prints have been produced and will be limited to one boxset per household. They will be released on December 4th at 6 pm GMT priced at £1250 and presented in a bespoke embossed Faces folder. The prints are signed by Ronnie, and a random ten of the sets are signed by Ronnie, Rod and Kenney.

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©2020 Ronnie Wood all rights reserved

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