Breaking news!

Last night artist YOUNG & SICK brazenly kidnapped DotPigeon. While details are still developing, a ransom video and footage of the Kidnapping has emerged.


The Kidnapping footage is currently up for grabs in an auction on NiftyGateway for the next 48 hours as a ransom to free DotPigeon.

YOUNG & SICK welcomes all to join him on Discord to communicate with DotPigeon within the hour.

NOTE TO BIDDERS: All bidders will receive an airdrop of the ransom video NFT (1 per bidder). The fewer the bids, the more scarce that NFT becomes. Only the top bid will receive the 1/1 of his kidnapping.

The auction will end in 48 hours.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds…

©2021 YOUNG & SICK, DotPigeon

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